Regulation Pattern 2 1/2 inch Side/Tenor Drum Carriage, White PVC Gloss Finish with Chrome Buckle & D Ring
2 1/2″ width (to offer more comfort on the shoulder) Chrome fittings D-Ring attached with Courlene Nyon Webbing for extra strength Fully adjustable sling position for most ages/sizes Buckle is interchangeable using 4 screw studs behind the tongue section Buckle...
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Guards Pattern 2 inch Bass Drum Sling, Crossover Configuration, White Leather Buff Finish with Brass Buckle & Hook Fttings
‘V’ style, standard Bass Drummers Sling goes over the shoulders (V is worn at the front chest/neck area), crosses over at the back and then fastens like a belt at the front of the body. Fully adjustable sling position for...
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Bass Drum Harness, White PVC Gloss Finish with Chrome Buckles & Hook Fttings
Bass Drum Harness supplied in two sections. Section 1. The 2 1/2″ Width Belt section adjusts in the same way as a normal belt. Section 2. The 1 1/2″ ‘V’ section attaches to the belt section using the 2 buckles...
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