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Bugle or Drum Majors Parade Cane 38"
High quality 38"  Bugle Major/Drum Major Parade cane, complete with plain, nickel plated, shaped cap, collar with plaited chain and ferrule.  Available in black, light oak and dark oak stained hardwood. Please select the finish of your cane from the drop...
  • Dark Oak
  • Black
  • Light Oak
Full Dress / No.1 Dress for Drum/Pipe/Bugle Majors
Full Dress / No.1 Dress for Drum/Pipe/Bugle Majors. Drum/Pipe/Bugle Major - four lace chevrons inverted on background of colour of choice Chevrons available in silver and gold lace. Other ground colours available upon request Sold as singles   Legacy Code: CKS12351...
Sold Out
Mess Dress Buglers Badge Gold on Scarlet
Gold on Scarlet Buglers Badge. Usually worn with inverted chevrons on Mess Dress by Bugle Majors, however it can be worn on other uniforms by Buglers.   Legacy Code: CKS12982
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