Multimat Compact Kumfie sit-mat - MoD
Sit-mats are an excellent accessory for backpackers and campers but the Compact Kumfie sit-mat is particularly useful for ramblers and walkers too because it is a small sit-mat that folds up and can be slipped into a pocket. Unfolded, it...
Multimat Adventure 4 XL - MoD
Originally developed with the needs of the parachute regiment in mind this robust, waterproof, folding sleep mat is ideal for storage in rucksack/Bergen. Introduced to the 2019/20 Multimat range in response to interest from military and adventure focused outdoor enthusiasts...
Multimat Trekker 25L Self -inflating - MoD
The Trekker 25 is a comfortable and warm self-inflating camping mat for year round backpacking and camping. It is a full-sized mat and very popular with youth groups because it is tough and durable enough to take the knocks an...
Multimat Trekker 25s Self -inflating - MoD
The Trekker Compact 25 is a light self-inflating camping mat for year round backpacking and camping.   At around two-thirds of the length of its full-sized brother, the mat is ideal for children and very popular with Scouts, Guides, Duke...
Multimat Trekker Thermal 10XL - MoD
While all mats in the range are designed for year-round use, one stands out above the rest as an all season foam sleeping mat and that one is the Trekker Thermal 10 XL. What makes it different is that it...
Multimat Military Issue NATO Mat 10 - MoD
Multimat Military Issue NATO 10 Foam Sleeping Mats have been designed specifically to meet the British Armies requirements of toughness and comfort in unsupported expeditions around the world, from the frozen poles to the hottest deserts. The foam sleeping mat...
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Multimat Military Issue NATO Self -inflating Mattress -MoD
If you’re going on an unsupported expedition you need high-quality lightweight kit you can rely on, as your life could be put at risk if it fails. Multimat’s NATO Mattress 35 S is designed to meet these needs like no...
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Multimat Camper 8 - MoD
Multimat’s Camper 8 is one of our basic range of cheap camping mats but provides an additional degree of warmth and cushioning by being thicker than its little brother, the Camper 7. It is widely used by all kinds of...
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