Classic Silva Orienteering Punches
Sold in packs of 10. CLASSIC SILVA ORIENTEERING PUNCHES. Available in 2 different versions: 432 A series and B series Sold in packs of 10.
Silva Reflective Marking
The reflective print makes it an ideal marker to use during night orienteering. Available in 3 different sizes; 30x30cm, 15x15cm, and 6×6 cm. Attached with lanyard. The reflective print makes it an ideal marker to use during night orienteering. Available in...
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Vanguard Infanteer Model Kit
The Vanguard infanteer model kit is practical kit used after a reconnaissance has taken place.It is used to create a model of what has been observed on the reconnaissance. The kit includes military symbols for Coy, HQ, RV, Enemy platoon, Pipe...
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Barska Binoculars 9 x 25 Focus Free
9x25 Focus Free, Compact, When there"™s no time to focus when you are trying to catch a glimpse of the fast action BARSKA"™s Focus Free binocular come to the rescue. They provide immediate viewing with no focusing required, Fully coated optics...
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Vanguard Commander Model Kit
An enhanced compact model kit ideal for infantry section commanders and above, for use during the orders process.  It provides a variety of symbols, ribbons and markers that will assist in creating a model to illustrate your plan.  Water resistant tin...
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Pathfinder Protractor-Romer
Made of rigid clear plastic. The protractor roma is a useful tool when teaching map reading particularly when learning about grid references and the use of bearings. Marked in degrees. * Marked in either degrees. * 14.7 x 9.5cm    Legacy Code: CKS10102...
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Ranger Pace Counter Beads
Ranger pace counter beads are a military tool used to quietly calculate the distance that you have travelled on foot. Simple and accurate.   Legacy Code: CKS10116
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