Jetboil Utensil Kit
The ideal utensils for Jetboil cooking systems or meals-in-a-bag. Long enough to comfortably reach the bottom of the PCS or GCS, and specially shaped to scour each edge and corner. Spatula shape matches Jetboil FluxRing® Fry Pan. Handles telescope to...
Pot Support & Stabilizer
Pot Support & Stabilizer Expand your options. Craving pancakes or simmered trout? The ultralight Jetboil pot support and stabilizer adapts the PCS for use with the 1.5 liter FluxRing pot or your own pots and pans. Includes stainless steel pot...
Jetboil Coffee Press
  Upgrade your backcountry  beverage selection with our feather-light Coffee Press.  Stem detaches from basket so you can stow in your PCS cup. Weight 0.8 oz (22 g) Dimensions 3.9” (10cm) diameter
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