6.5" Steel Twisted Peg
These steel tent pegs are great for slightly harder ground and have a strong twisted shaft to give better grip in soft ground. They are value for money and come in packs of 10. Strong and durable twisted steel pegs...
Nikwax Tech Wash Proof
An ideal cleaner for  waterproof clothing and equipment, recommended by many outdoor gear. This a non-detergent soap that can revitalize the breathability of clothing, and can be used regularly to clean clothing and equipment without damaging their water-repellent coatings. Capacity:...
Nikwax for Leather Proof
The Nikwax waterproofing cream for leather is a brilliant waterproofing wax that can be used on both wet or dry leather. Once applied, the items treated can be used immediately without waiting for the wax to dry. Capacity: 60ml Soft...
Nikwax Fabric & Leather Proofing
Spray-on waterproofing and UV blocker for all weatherproof textiles including tents, awnings, marquees, rucksacks, panniers and camera bags and leather footwear. Maintains the water repellency tents and outdoor gear. Protects tents and gear against UV degradation . One application can...
Multimat Trekker 25L Self -inflating - MoD
The Trekker 25 is a comfortable and warm self-inflating camping mat for year round backpacking and camping. It is a full-sized mat and very popular with youth groups because it is tough and durable enough to take the knocks an...
Multimat Trekker 25s Self -inflating - MoD
The Trekker Compact 25 is a light self-inflating camping mat for year round backpacking and camping.   At around two-thirds of the length of its full-sized brother, the mat is ideal for children and very popular with Scouts, Guides, Duke...
Multimat Trekker Thermal 10XL - MoD
While all mats in the range are designed for year-round use, one stands out above the rest as an all season foam sleeping mat and that one is the Trekker Thermal 10 XL. What makes it different is that it...
Multimat Adventure 4 XL - MoD
Originally developed with the needs of the parachute regiment in mind this robust, waterproof, folding sleep mat is ideal for storage in rucksack/Bergen. Introduced to the 2019/20 Multimat range in response to interest from military and adventure focused outdoor enthusiasts...
Multimat Compact Kumfie sit-mat - MoD
Sit-mats are an excellent accessory for backpackers and campers but the Compact Kumfie sit-mat is particularly useful for ramblers and walkers too because it is a small sit-mat that folds up and can be slipped into a pocket. Unfolded, it...
Web-Tex Ultralite Shelter Peg Set
6 x Aluminum Pegs 10m of 3mm Paracord   Legacy Code: CKS12151 6 x aluminium 18cm pegs 10m of 3mm paracord.
30" Olive Elastic Bungees
Bungees are a multi purpose camping essential. They can be used to put up your basha and securing equipment to your rucksacks. The bungee is constructed from heavy duty elastic with strong rubber coated metal hooks. They are 30" long and come in...
Outdoor Bivi & Basha Twist Lock Extendable Basha Pole
The perfect camping companion, this pole will allow you to pitch your basha even when there are no trees from which to tie it. The extendable twist action pole is 50cm extending to 90cms, it has a spike on the...
Outdoor Bivi & Basha Extendible Pole
The perfect camping companion, this pole will allow you to pitch your basha even when there are no trees from which to tie it. The extendable twist action pole is 46cm extending to 87cm, it has a spike on the...
Snugpak Poly Cotton Liner
This great money saving item is great for keeping your sleeping bag clean and fresh and is a camping favourite.  The mummy shape fits inside any sleeping bag and it has a hood and draw cord to finish, plus it’s...
Snugpak Thermalon Liner-Olive Green
When you need extra warmth at night, just add the body-hugging Thermalon Insulating Liner inside your sleeping bag to significantly improve its thermal qualities. It has an incredibly soft, wool-like finish for a little extra luxury and the clever construction...
Snuggy Black Pillow Headrest
A practical headrest that packs away into its own integral stuff sack. It provides an amazing amount of support for your head and neck. Uses high quality sleeping bag insulation and fabrics Colour: black Filling: Softie Outer fabric: Nylon Weight...
Snugpak Fleece Liner
The traditional extreme temperature liner adds over a season to your sleeping bag and comes complete with a Compression Sack. Weight: 940grams Temp: Comfort 10c, Low 0c Extreme Temperature: -5c Colours: Olive Fabric: Lush Polyester Fleece Wicking Rating: 4* Breathability:...
ENO Hammock ATLAS STRAP XL (Black)
TREE-FRIENDLY SUSPENSIONENO pioneered the first ever knotless hammock suspension system, and over a decade later we have redesigned this best seller to help take your hang to the next level! The Atlas Straps innovative tapered construction decreases total weight, ensures...
Nikwax TX Direct Spray Proof
Using the Nikwax TX Direct regularly to reproof the waterproofing for your wet weather clothing.  One application can double the effective life of this gear.   Capacity: 300ml Adds/renews water repellency and revives breathability. Prolongs the life of gear and...
Snugpak UK Made Storage Compression Sack - Medium - Olive Green
Saving space is a sensible and often necessary approach to camping and trekking, but it can be made so much easier with a Compression Storage Sack. Traditionally used for sleeping bags, these sacks can be used on any compressible item...
Snugpak Tropical Hammock
When it's time to bed down for the night, you need a hammock thats strong, quick and easy to set up, and will stay reliably in place all night. The Tropical Hammock is made from lightweight but extremely strong parachute...
ENO Doublenest Hammock - Choice of 3 Colours
ENO (Eagles Nest Outfitters) are the original parachute hammock creators, and craft all their high-quality hammocks and accessories with one thing in mind...to help adventure travellers and outdoors lovers everywhere relax. Whether you’re trekking into the depths of the jungle...
  • Red
  • Teal
  • Khaki
Paracord is a useful multi purpose cord that can be used for a variety of things for example basha and tent erection, emergency boot laces, sewing thread, impromptu rifle sling, tinder to name a few. Breaking strain of approx 50...
MTP 3mm Paracord Reel- 100m
100 Metres of Cord that is great for attaching kit to your bag.

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