Cadet Instructors Cadre Course Badge (Per 10)

Regulation Cadet Instructors Cadre course embroidered badge. The Junior Cadet Instructor Cadre It is designed to teach the cadet how to instruct new entrants and 1-Star cadets in drill, turnout and military knowledge; map and compass;  skill-at-arms and fieldcraft. The Senior Cadet Instructor Cadre To qualify for the SCIC you must have sound knowledge of all subjects up to and including 3-Star level and you must have proved, by your performance on the Junior Cadet Instructor Cadre, that you are a potential instructor.
  • Size  30mm by 20mm
  • The Cadet Instructors Cadre badge is made up of white embroidery on a scarlet backing
  • Sold in packs of 10

Legacy Code: CKS10574