Cadet Weapons Flash (Per 10)

$5.00 $7.00
Army Cadet Force and Combined Cadet Force  Skill at Arms Weapons Flashes.   To be worn with the appropriate shooting proficiency award
  • Size
    • LSW  25mm by 15mm
    • .22 Air Rifle 53mm by 15mm
    • GP Rifle 53mm by 15mm
    • Air Rifle 53mm by 15mm
    • TGT Rifle 53mm by 15mm
  • White embroidery on red background
  • Sold in packs of 10
Cadets who are classified as marksmen, first class shot, or who pass a classification shoot using the Air Rifle, .22 Rifle, GP Rifle, LSW and Target Rifle or who have qualified for the Cadet Hundred at Bisley, are to wear these badges.  

Legacy Code: CKS10589