Helikon Automotive Med Kit Pouch

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The Automotive Med Kit® has been created for use as a first aid kit in cars or other vehicles. Its compact, flat shape allows it to be placed under a seat, inside the door or seat pockets, while the lack of sharp edges also prevents snagging. The front of the Med Kit has a large loop-lined panel for custom marking and supplied with a reflective panel for quick identification. Also, the handles are marked with reflective tape help identification in low levels of light. Thanks to a detachable shoulder strap, the Med Kit can also be worn like a messenger bag. Internally you'll find a double layered series of elastic loops for secure storage of many differently sized accessories; The layout ensures everything has its place and can be quickly and easily found when every second counts. Great for military, police or security use but also ideal for anyone wanting a pouch to carry all their first aid gear.

The interior has been designed to store your medical gear in an organised manner. There are two zipper-closed flat inner pockets, made of mesh to allow quick identification of the contents without having to open them. Elastic loops are provided to hold medical supplies. In case the bag is used as a shooting range med kit, those loops are ideal for holding individual pre-packaged field dressings. The loops are made of elasticized cord and allow for individual adjustments depending on the type of the supplies held by the loop. Moreover, the med bag contains a detachable, stiffened panel covered on both sides in loop-Velcro to attach hook-Velcro lined inserts (Versatile Insert System®-compatible) included in the kit. It was meant to be used for transporting occlusive dressings for the chest wounds – the stiffener prevents their bending, which might damage the bandage. The med kit fits ideally in the Range Line Rangemaster® kit bag side pocket, where it can be attached to a Velcro panel and torn away for deployment. The Automotive Med Kit® was made out of first-class materials, such as Cordura® 500D, with YKK zippers and Nylon Tapes.

No medical equipment included.

  • Stiffened construction
  • Reflective front marker
  • Velcro ID panel
  • Reflective handles
  • Closed with a two-way zipper
  • Flat and smooth to prevent snagging
  • Detachable stiffened insert covered in loop-velcro
  • Two inner flat mesh zipped pockets
  • Numerous Versatile Insert System®-compatible inserts included to compartmentalize medical supplies as per kit purpose
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Rear wall fitted with (coverable) velcro patches to attach the med kit to the car upholstery or bag velcro panels (e.g. Rangemaster Bag®)
  • YKK® zippers
  • Brand: Helikon-Tex
  • Product Type: Medic Pouch
  • Material: Nylon
  • Weight: 545 grams
  • Dimensions: 21 x 24 x 8 cm / 8.26 x 9.44 x 3.14 inches
  • MPN: MO-M07-CD-34
  • EAN: 5902688037062
  • Contents are for demo purposes only and not included