Operators Glove - Tan/Black - Knuckle Protection

£9.99 £21.30

The operators glove from Ammo and Co offers fantastic all round protection, built alongside key personnel in the British Armed Forces the primary focus was on using durable, high quality materials. This allowed us to offer impact protection, dexterity and comfort in hot and cold conditions. 

Our glove has been put through its paces by numerous military applications including heavy use in The Rifles Regiment, The Royal Logistics Corps and the Kings' Royal Hussars.

The glove features air vents on the fingers designed to promote the circulation of air, helping cool hot and warm cold hands. the carbon fibre knuckle protection is designed with minimal feel and no impact on flexibility. We use a top and bottom finger seam allowing for maximum dexterity without sacrificing durability. 

Glove material: Leather, neoprene, carbon fibre, rubber composite.