Reserve of Officers - Retired Officers and Ex-Officers 'R'

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Army Dress Regulations Part 2 Section5 02.303     Reserve of Officers, Retired Officers and Ex-officers.  Officers of the categories detailed below are to wear a metal symbol "˜R"™ below their badges of rank when authorized to wear uniform unless special dispensation has been granted from PS12(A). It is to be of the colour of the metal badges of rank.  Badges or rank worn will be those of the rank or honorary rank granted on retirement. a.     Retired officers of the Regular Army. b.     Ex-officers of the Regular Army. c.     Ex-officers of the Territorial Army and Territorial Army Volunteer Reserve d.     Officers in Cadet Units.  Officers serving with Combined Cadet Force or Army Cadet Force units do not wear the "˜R"™ symbol on occasions when they are wearing CCF/ACF titles. Comes with a spike and clutch fitting and is sold in pairs.  

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