Snugpak All Weather Shelter Tarp


Snugpak All Weather Shelter Tarp

The Snugpak All Weather Shelter Tarp has been designed by military veterans to provide fast protection from Sun, Wind, Rain and Snow all year round.

Designed as a diamond shaped tarp, the Snugpak All Weather Shelter can be configured as a Fly, Tarp, Lean-to Shelter, Emergency Bivvi,  it's ideal for Expeditions or as an emergency shelter for both individuals and small groups being 3x3 metres; and it can also be used as an emergency stretcher.

It comes complete with 4 extendable Guy-Lines, and 8 lightweight Alloy Tent Pegs in a handy compact pouch, easy to stow in the backpack.

Create free-standing shelters without the traditional need to have perfectly spaced trees, using walking poles for example, the Snugpak All Weather Shelter can be constructed so that is free-standing, in a variety of designs to protect the user in different configurations depending on the weather.

From standard 45° lean-to wind breakers to the encompassing protection of a Manta Shelter, the impressive 2000m Hydrostatic Head will keep you dry in wet weather.

Can also use the small lightweight poppers along the edges to turn the All Weather Shelter into an impromptu survival bivvy bag, creating a waterproof, contained, sleeping area.


Size 305cm (L) x 305cm (W).

Pack size 24cm (L) x 12cm (W).

Multi-season (All Year Use).

Material 210T Nylon Rip-Stop PU 2000MM (Hydrostatic Head) & ANTI-UV SPF30.

Pouch contains 900g Shelter and Guylines and 4 Tent Pegs.

Brand Snugpak.

Colour Olive Green.