Tasmanian Tiger Modular Pack 30 Multicam

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Modular universal combat backpack. The backpack has a lid pocket and laser-cut MOLLE on the sides and front. The front opening of the backpack pulls up completely. The insides have Velcro sections for individual features. The hip fins are detachable. Comes with three Velcro accessories pouches and a Velcro weapon holster.

Padded Back Carrying System; Length adjustable shoulder straps; Detachable padded hip fins with zipped pockets; Side compression on the inside; Lid pocket; Lid pocket with small organizer; Zigzag rubber lacing; Weight of empty backpack = 1,50 kg // Weight of backpack including accessories = 1,80 kg; Antenna ports into the main compartment; MOLLE Velcro on the inside for modular expansion; Including 3 Velcro accessories pouches; Including weapon holster (Velcro);


Measurements: 46 x 30 x 18 cm
Volume: 30 l
Weight: 1,50 kg (1,80 kg)
Backsystem: Padded Back-System (TT)
Fabric: CORDURA® 500 den