Tasmanian Tiger Warrior Belt MKIII Kit Review

Please see our latest field test by the Queen's Gurkha Engineers at ITC Carrick. 

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Is it compatible with VIRTUS system? Yes
Is it compatible with operating from an armoured/vehicle platform? Yes

Positive feedback.

"It is very comfortable to carry in combination with Virtus Body Armour. You can take it off periodically very easily. Goes very well in combination with Virtus Body Armour. Various pouches can be attached and detached easily as per the mission task. It is highly recommended, suitable and realistic even more in Urban Operating Environment."

Negative feedback

"I could rarely find the negative point on this Moley Belt apart from putting Velcro at the back straps to tidy up any spares straps."

Improvements that could be made 

"High recommendation to put the Velcro in the rear strap of the Moley Belt. By doing so, the Velcro on the rear straps of the Moley belt, will help to hold/tidy up the spare ends of the strap nicely."


"I found this Moley belt very comfortable and easy to assemble and use. The best thing about it is, various pouches can be fitted and dissemble easily as per the mission requirement.  It is very reliable and essential piece of kit. Strongly recommended to all military personnel."
June 05, 2021 — Military Direct