• Camping tips for beginners

    Camping tips for beginners
    Camping can be a great vacation for all the family and has the added advantage of being ideal for those who are on a low budget. Once you have purchased all the equipment you need it will last for years if you take good care of it. Here are a few things that you will definitely need. Tents Tents are the first thing you...
  • 5 Top Hiking and Walking Tips for Beginners

    5 Top Hiking and Walking Tips for Beginners
    If you are new to hiking, follow our 5 top tips to ensure that you get off to a good start. Some are common sense, but others may not occur to you until you find yourself in the middle of a hiking trail, wishing you had spent more time on your preparations. 1 - Assess Your Physical Condition - The first thing you should do...
  • BFPO Codes & Addresses

    BFPO Codes & Addresses
    Static BFPO Addresses Max weight - 30Kg BFPO No. Post Code Location Country 2 BF1 3AA Washington USA 4 BF1 3AD Kathmandu Nepal 6 BF1 2AA Lisbon Portugal 8 BF1 2AB Naples Italy 10 BF1 3AF Nairobi Kenya 11 BF1 3AG Seria Brunei 12 BF1 3AH Belize City Belize 14 BF1 3AJ Suffield Canada 16 BF1 0AB Sennelager Germany 18 BF1 2AE Maastricht Holland 19 BF1...
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