No 1 Dress (Ceremonial) Shoulder Cords
No 1 Dress (Ceremonial) Shoulder Cords, in gold Mylar cord, with corresponding rank.  Available unranked or ranked for Lt, 2nd Lt, Captain, Major, Lt Colonel, Colonel and Brigadier.  Please select rank required from the drop down box. Backing 2nd Lt...
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RGR - Shoulder Cords Male - Mess Dress
Narrow boards are sewn to the shoulders of No 10 and 11 mess dress jackets. No 10 boards have a toggle and No 11 boards with a 30 ligne button. Shoulder titles are not worn with these titles.
Epaulettes - Royal Navy - Commissioned Officers
Royal Navy Epaulettes with gold wire braid on black. This epaulette is worn on the shoulder of a Royal Navy uniform.  Gold on Black Sold in pairs
from $15.00
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RIFLES/RGR -No1 Dress- Shoulder Boards
Black Woven braid laid to a dark green board with leather fixing strap.
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