Multimat Military Issue NATO Mat 10 - MoD


Multimat Military Issue NATO 10 Foam Sleeping Mats have been designed specifically to meet the British Armies requirements of toughness and comfort in unsupported expeditions around the world, from the frozen poles to the hottest deserts. The foam sleeping mat also meets the requirements of NATO stock No. 8465-99-130-5904.

Manufactured in Great Britain from premium quality physically cross-linked polyolefin foam, these substantial foam sleeping mats are 10mm thick and measure 10cm longer and 10cm wider than a standard full sized foam sleeping mat. Metalised embossed PE film surface improves insulation and durability

These foam sleeping mats are dispatched already rolled, but they feature brass eyelets and strong lightweight webbing to allow you to pack them away as compact as possible when used.

Multimat military issue NATO 10 foam sleeping mats are ideal for army manoeuvres, desert deployment and battlefield situations.