Tasmanian Tiger Mission pack & single mag pouch, Kit review

We sent the MKII Tasmanian Tiger mission pack & Single mag pouch to Longmoor to be put through its paces at the hands of a LCpl. Here's how they fared. Due to the nature of this review the images are classified. 

Tasmanian Tiger Mission pack 37L

Is it compatible with the VIRTUS system? Yes
Is it compatible with an armoured/vehicle platform? No 
Does it handle wet weather and stand up to the rigours of patrolling? Yes
Is it comfortable to use? Yes
Does it make your operating any easier? No

Positive Feedback 

Daysack - Its robust, comfortable and enough internal space for radio and equipment. Mag pouch- good bit of kit compatible with VIRTUS molle system and not too tight on magazines or too loose like issued pouches mag retaining bungee was good and wasn't too tight where you struggle to put over the mag.

Negative feedback 

Daysack- Way too big to the point you struggle with vehicle platforms. Difficult to use with Bergan. Also too rigid which further adds to this problem.
Magazine Pouch- No negative points

Improvement suggestions

Daysack- down size slightly to resemble the size of the motherlode variant where its a larger daysack compared to the jay jays litefighter but still not too big. Make it more flexible so it would be easier to top flap for heavy carrys.

Mag pouch- No points


August 01, 2021 — Military Direct