Altberg Sneeker MK2 Boots in MoD Brown
The Alt-Berg Sneeker MKII is a hybrid between a very comfortable high-leg trainer, a boxing boot and a military boot.  The Altberg Sneeker MK2 boots are super comfortable and long lasting allowing them to be worn all day with no problems...
from $181.00
Altberg Warrior Brown Leather Boots
Everything about these brown military boots is quality. The Anfibio brown leather upper and cambrelle breathable, Non Membrane lining with a new speed lacing "pull through" system. Polypropelene mid flex, midsole and Vibram Masai sole to deal with mud build up....
$209.00 $179.00
Altberg Tabbing Brown Leather Boot
The Altberg tabbing boots are super comfortable and long lasting allowing them to be worn all day with no problems make the boots, the boots are extremely breathable with a flexible sole, soft leather upper and very light at only...
Altberg Desert Microlite MoD Brown Boot
The Alt-Berg Classic Desert Microlite Brown Boot is now also available in the new colour UK Military Brown, which is acceptable with Multi-Cam and MTP Camouflage Clothing.The Desert Microlite is an extremely lightweight and breathable, yet tough, Desert boot – tried,...
Altberg Leder Gloss Brown-80g - Single
Regular use of Leder Gloss will eventually increase leather hardness due to lower levels of conditioning oils. High Sine Altberg Wax for Parade and Barracks Use Alt-berg Leder-Glós is a mixture of 85% wax and 15% oil. It has been...
Altberg Boot Care Kit - Leder Gris - Brown
Alt-Berg Leder-Gris contains a combination of 70% wax and 30% oil. It has been especially created for use in our standard UK weather conditions to ensure your boots are kept to their optimum condition for as long as possible. The...
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Altberg Brown Leder Gris
Altberg Leder Gris is design to lengthen the lifespane of leather boots.  Leder-Gris is a mixture of 70% wax and 30% oil.   The wax provides waterproofing, as it dries – it remains on or just below the surface.  The oil...
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