Infanteer Model Kit

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The Vanguard infanteer model kit is practical kit used after a reconnaissance has taken place.It is used to create a model of what has been observed on the reconnaissance. The kit includes military symbols for Coy, HQ, RV, Enemy platoon, Pipe cleaners, ribbons and large plastic markers. The kit comes packaged within a tin. Size: Box size 11 x 8.3 x 3  

Legacy Code: CKS10103

Vanguard Infanteer model kit has been designed specifically for military use. Helps add professional detail and clarity to your briefings and orders. 53 x Weatherproof military symbols and high visibility labels Including: Coy HQ, RV, FUP, Enemy, Plt, Sect and Fire Team markers, Barbed wire, Weatherproof metal tobacco box. ( 11 x 8 cms) 6 wood marker sticks 4 plastic markers 4 x Green and white pipe cleaners 3 x meter length para cord (Red Blue and White) North marker on tin lid