Delta Brown Full Leather Patrol Boots - Youth Sizes 3 to 5


If your size is not available in the Delta Brown Full Leather we recommend you look into the Elite Brown boot which is our most popular boot and available in all sizes.

Now that the Cadet Force has followed the Regular Army and the Reserve Forces into the new Personal Clothing System (PCS) MTP they are now well into the transition and are wearing brown boots like the regular and reserve counterparts. The Delta boot is comfortable and hard wearing and is made with a Thinsulate lining to help take moisture away from the foot.

The boots consist of a durable full grain action leather with a Polyester upper. This is twinned with a very warm yet breathable inner Thinsulate lining. The Delta Brown boot is oil and shock resistant rubber outer sole. The boots have a very comfortable padded top collar with eight lace eyelets.

The boots can be polished or waxed. Modern sole, more flexible for comfort. Larger tongue and collar padding with leather outer for better water resistance. PU rubber outsole with steel shank. Cambrella textured lining for additional comfort.

Full length brown laces. Brown eyelets. Removable EVA inner sole. Available in sizes 6-13. The most popular Brown boot in full leather on Cadet Kit Shop.

The Delta Brown Full Leather boot is perfect for Cadets of all ages in the CCF (Combined Cadet Force) or ACF (Army Cadet Force). If you are looking for Army Cadet Boots these are the ones most cadets go for, alternatively the newer Elite boot. These provide good water resistance and are comfortable for long periods.