Genuine Scapa Fabric Sniper Tape 10m - Olive Green

£7.10 £10.00

This much sought after original issue item, commonly known as Sniper Tape, can be used for everything in the field! An essential, must-have item for snipers, and all soldiers, with a variety of uses including the camouflage of weapons and equipment, NBC repairs, and ID information e.g. on the front of suit. This is the ultimate multi-purpose military tape

Each roll is approximately 10 metres by 4cm. UK made cotton-based plain olive green.

Use it for ‘camming up’ your life, running repairs on kit or just to write on your name and blood group.

This tape can be painted, sprayed or covered with mud for extra disruption. Especially favoured by sniper & reconnaissance (recce) teams who slap it all over everything!

This is genuine Military issue tape, not the cheap, shiny alternatives which break almost every rule of concealment!

Meets DEF STAN 75-2 specification. Service Temperature of 0 to +60 °C.