Royal Navy Officers - Flag Rank - Ceremonial Sword & Scabbard

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Blade & Tang - The blade and tang shall be manufactured in one piece from carbon steel hardened and tempered to within the range of 400-500 HV.  The length of the blade is 795mm.

Guard -Hot brass stamping Polished & gold plated.
Falldown - Hot brass stamping Polished & gold plated.
Mullet- Hot brass stamping Polished & gold plated.
Backpiece -Casting Polished & gold plated.
Ferrule -Brass Polished & gold plated.
Grip - Wooden core covered in fish skin.  

3 strand Grip wire gold plated.  

Dimensions – Length of blade shoulder to point 790mm, width of blade at shoulder 21mm 

Weight -825g 

Scabbard – 3mm Real rawhide leather scabbard, hand-sewn with gold plated brass mountings
with 2 attachments.  Officers of Flag Rank and above carry a version with ornate engraved oak leaves and acorn mounts. The Shoe is to be engraved with 3 pairs of chevrons.