UKOM MTP SA80 A2 (5.56mm) RIFLE / LSW Sling Crye Multicam

This sling is 100% manufactured in the UK out of UK MTP webbing and is fast becoming a favourite with the UK military.

L85A2 / L86A2

The sling is made to the original SA80 design.

Official Description “The sling consists of webbing type material. The longer piece has at one end a female part of a clip and a flat plastic loop attached, the other end of the strap is clear. The shorter piece has the male part of the clip at one end and the quick release buckle at the other” (Pam 5)

The Multi Terrain Pattern camouflage matches the uniform and webbing of the British military and is designed to be used in all climates.

The webbing is military specification and woven in the UK.

All plastics are made by ITW Nexus to military specification.